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Reach your Goals



Your animal means the world to you. The bond between an animal and his or her owner is immeasurable. You invest time, money and love to be sure that your cat, dog, horse or other animal companion is the best that they can possibly be. Whether your goal for your animal is reaching peak performance, overcoming injury quickly or enjoying old age in comfort, at Lively Animal Massage, I can provide services to help you reach that goal. Using the tools of myofascial release, animal massage and Reiki, I can help your animal on the path to wellness. 
I understand that you want qualified and trained professionals caring for your animal. You can be assured that I will provide the best possible care. I teach The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy's highly regarded animal programs. I am also chair of the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupuncture and Massage.


In addition to working in your home or barn, I have an office at Destination Dog, 7 Forge Parkway, Franklin, MA

When your pet hurts, you feel pain. When your animal reaches a training plateau, you feel frustration. Using the methods of myofascial release, massage and reiki, I can help your performance dogs perform at their best. These techniques can also help speed healing, prevent injuries, provide comfort to elderly animals, and even improve their behavior.


I have  12 years of experience with excellent results.

Horses are an investment in time, emotion, and finances. Make the most of your horse and avoid costly injuries, lost training time, and early retirement. Maintaining your horse in peak condition, physically and mentally, will keep you advancing toward your goals.

My skills in massage, myofascial release, and Reiki will ensure your progress and protect your investment.


Are you interested in hosting a workshop at your site? I offer two-hour workshops in dog massage and horse massage. I can tailor the workshop to your individual needs. I am also available for shorter talks or instructional lectures. This may interest you for conformation club meetings, equine clubs and other events. Contact me for further information and we can arrange a time that will work for you.



Want to start a shelter massage program? Learn more about it.

Energy Healing

Through energy healing, I can help your horse, dog, cat or other animal friend heal naturally by channeling their own internal energies and vitality. Targeted massage techniques, clearing of energy blocks, Reiki, and crystal Reiki can help release stressors in the spirit of your animal, allowing him or her to heal more naturally and on their own terms. 


Reiki and energy healing is included in massage sessions. Distance Reiki and energy healing is available for both animals and people.

Email me today to learn more about this method of healing.

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