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Equine Massage



When you feel your best, you perform your best. This is true for animals as well. Ensure that your horse performs to the best of his or her ability with the proven power of massage and myofascial release. You have invested time, money and effort into training your horse’s mind and body, but your horse also needs flexibility, strength, soundness and resilience to injury. My services can help you avoid problems before an event, which can lead to poor performance. I can also help you avoid the frustration of training plateaus, allowing your animal to continue to perform at a competitive level.

Don’t let the passing of time slow your animal down before he or she is ready. Your horse can be productive and limber well into old age. Stiffness and pain are not inevitable; they are avoidable with equine massage and myofascial release. These techniques can help return lost function and get your horse working and living at the best of their body’s potential. Whether a young colt or an aging animal, proper massage can release stresses and strains and help your animal feel and perform at their best.


One of the worst things an owner can witness in their animal is pain. It robs you of training time and peace of mind. I stand against pain. Many injuries and pain provoking problems can be avoided with regular routine massages. I can provide you with a plan for routine massage therapy and myofascial release to avoid injuries and keep your horse feeling well. Unfortunately, injuries do happen, and they often result in great pain for your animal. Horse massage, in conjunction with proper veterinary care, can rehabilitate your animal quickly and get them on the path to recovery. Chronic conditions and stall rest become easier to manage for a relaxed horse with reduced pain.

We all want a horse that happily does his job, but horse ownership isn’t always that easy. Your horse may have trust issues from a traumatic past. My services can help heal those past emotional scars, and create a meaningful, working bond for you and your horse. Learn more about how massage, MFR and energy work can heal the mind and the body of your animal. Stereotypical behaviors like cribbing and other stall vices can be frustrating. Learn more about avoiding this frustration in my cribbing research study. E-mail me today!

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