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You and your sporting or service dog work hard to reach your best performance, investing time, energy, and money in learning and exceling at your chosen activity. Agility, flyball, lure coursing, and search and rescue are all activities that require physical and mental fitness and resilience and can tragically end in injury. Massage and myofascial release can ensure your dog can perform well for years to come.

We love our pets and are saddened when they slow down and can't do the things we love to do together. Pain and stiffness are not a necessary part of aging! In conjuction with veterinary care, massage and MFR will keep your dog or cat purring along at the best of their bodies' capability. You can learn a massage routine that will relieve pain and increase your bond, to make your pet's later years the most fulfilling ever.

There is more you can do for your injured pet! In conjunction with veterinary care, massage and MFR can accelerate healing, getting your dog or cat back to normal use sooner, and prevent future injuries. Read more about the many ways massage can help your pet recover from injury.


So many behavior problems can be helped by encouraging thinking behavior in your dog or cat. Relaxing enough to let go of fear and anxiety is the key to reaching that thinking state. I am trained in dog behavior as well as massage and can bring all my tools to bear to help you and your pet reach happiness and a peaceful home.



Anni is a seven year old German Shepherd dog with a history of pain and stiffness in her hind legs. She was diagnosed with a probable partial CCL tear and she was having trouble getting up from a sitting or lying down position.   She needed pain medication often and was becoming averse to exercise.  We decided to try massage in order to minimize pain medication.  


We feel that Lisa has been successful in helping her pain and has increased her willingness to run and play. We feel that the massage not only provides pain relief, but actually goes to the source of the pain by relieving symptoms so that Anni can do the necessary work of strengthening her body.  Instead of being in a downward cycle of pain and the subsequent underuse of her legs, Anni is now exercising and strengthening her body naturally.  She very rarely has one of those days when it ispainful to watch her struggle to her feet.  And we rarely need to give her pain medication.  She clearly enjoys her massagetherapy and benefits from it.  -Shelly Hendler

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