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Horses Aging Gracefully


Bodies change as we age, and the same is true for your horse. Muscle is lost, joints get worn, and some animals can develop pain, arthritis, and other chronic conditions. It's not true that your horse must slow down and be in pain. I stand against pain. I stand against saying, "he's an old horse, that's just the way it is." In conjunction with good veterinary care, massage and passive range of motion can go a long way to bring your horse back toward graceful movement and enjoying life.


  • Maintaining muscle tone and healthy function: Healthy muscle withstands the forces placed upon it better than weak or atrophied muscle, resisting injury.


  • Delaying arthritic changes: Arthritic joints cause pain, pain causes lack of movement, and lack of movement leads to further arthritic changes. Massage relieves pain temporarily and relaxes muscles that are clamping tight on painful joints. Passive range of motion moves synovial fluid throughout the joint, bringing nutrition to damaged cartilage and flushing out inflammatory factors. It can maintain and even improve range of motion. When the body malfunctions, it compensates by transferring the load elsewhere, which can lead to further problems. Massage keeps this compensation from affecting other parts of the body. Arthritic animals will need to be under the care of a vet.


  • Emotional health: Massage can't help every condition. But I can, through massage and Reiki, help almost every animal cope with their challenges and be happier with their situation. I will also teach you a massage routine you can use to help soothe your horse's pain and brighten their days.


  • End of life care: When it is growing close to your horse's time, massage and Reiki can make that time more meaninful, through all the ways mentioned above. If I can be of service during your horse's last visit from the veterinarian, I am happy to be use massage and Reiki to help make that time more peaceful.


Sheik is a 14 year old horse with arthritis in his hocks, who has trouble standing for the farrier. After his massage, my farrier noticed a big difference in his left side, especially in his left hind. He wasn't pulling his leg away or trying to shift his weight! It was amazing! - Shannon Byrnes

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