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Information for Veterinarians


Thank you for researching Lively Animal Massage. I am happy to partner with veterinarians for the benefit of your patients and their owners. Offering massage by referral is a convenient way to expand your services and increase customer satisfaction. I require that my clients see their veterinarian for any illness or lameness before I will work with them, and I refer back to veterinarians often for anything I find.


To refer to me, you can fill out the form below or download a copy to send home with your client. You can also request a report I wrote about conditions that, in my experience, are responsive to massage when the animal is also under veterinary care. Please email me at or call me at 617-413-9096 if you have any questions or would like a massage demostration at your clinic.



Conditioning and training the canine athlete only goes so far. After my Doberman Taz, who competes in lure coursing, came up

lame with a soft tissue strain and spent six weeks on limited exercise, I was very concerned about re-injury or new injury. Treating him went beyond conventional veterinary medicine of NSAIDs and rest. Massage therapy prior to his return to competition helped relieve muscle knots and tight areas. It allowed him to perform as a top athlete and come home feeling good and injury free. - Kristine Sklenack, DVM

In his prime, my dog Largo was a

powerful, menacing Chesapeake

Bay Retriever. The last year of his

life  was marred by degenerative

myelopathy. He adjusted to the cart that brought him a few more months of ambulation. But his greatest pleasure was massage.


When the end is in sight, but a few good days remain, massage gives us all a chance to feel we are providing care and connection. Both the receiver and the giver or massage can enjoy the peace of the moment. When it was time to euthanize him, Lisa used massage to make his last moments on earth joyous. What a gift! - Mary Elizabeth Norris, DVM.

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